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公司简介 义景船务有限公司是一家坐落于上海的国际船舶服务商,我们在全球各地提供的船舶服务项目包括:船舶供应,船舶修理,船舶检验,海上服务和船务咨询等。无论您的船只在美洲、亚洲、欧洲还是非洲,或者在港口、船厂、锚地还是海上,我们都能为您的船只提供快速、准确、完整的服务,一周七天,一天二十四小时。小到伙食供应,物料供应,燃油供应,大到航修,坞修,年检等,都是我们的职责所在。完美很难,但我们全力以赴。 义景人的愿景是:有水的地方就有义景的服务。 基于此,我们将不断成长,逐步成为中国大陆乃至世界航运服务领域的明星。目前我们的客户遍及欧洲、亚洲、美洲及澳洲等世界各地。这些业内备受尊崇的公司和我们合作,不只因为得到了我们廉价便捷优质的服务,更重要的是,他们相信和我们的合作会让他们得到更多。 值得信赖的海事服务供应商!这是义景船务最期待的赞许,也是所有义景 Company Profile Ijin Marine Limited is a marine consultant company specialized in worldwide marine service,based in Shanghai,China. Our worldwide business scope covers: shipsupply,ship repair, ship cleaning,fire and safty inspection,offshore service, emergency solution etc.Wherever your vessel stay at Euro,America,Asia or Africa,wherever she stay at port,dockyard,anchorage or sea, we always stand besides her with our effective service,7days and 24 hours. Our staffs have marine background,experienced and proffessional in the ship service.They can communicate with you very fluently and supply comfortable service for you.Urgent case can be responded very quickly and arranged accordingly.In the whole world,we will look after your vessel like our baby. Perfect is seldom,but we tried our best.The most reliable marine service supplier.This is our target forever. In water,Ijin with you. Contact Ijin Marine Limited E-mail:ijinmarine@163.com Mob:+86-15026636864(24hours) Tel:+86-21-68650065 Fax: +86-21-61006188 Add: 16-504,Lane 300,Longjiang Road ,Shanghai,200082,China Worldwide marine service Consultant: Ship Supply,Ship Repair,Ship Inspect,Other service,etc In water,Ijin with you. http://cn.linkedin.com/in/billjia Skype: bill.jia QQ: 66895009 Msn: billzjia@hotmail.com

国际船舶服务项目 船舶修理














Worldwide Marine Service Consultant Ship repair

Dockyard repair,voyage repair,etc

Ship supply

General store supply,provision supply,spare part supply,etc

Ship clean

Sludge reception,tank cleaning, Waste disposal,etc

Ship safty test

Fire fighting Appliance,Life saving Appliance,etc

Ship emergency solution

Oil pollution,diving and salvage,etc

Ship port service

Heavy lift,Transport,Renewing,Engineering service,fresh water and bunkeretc

Offshore service

Tug boat, Float Crane,Helicopter Service,Transport Equipment,oil,etc

Container Lashing 集装箱绑扎件 Turnbucklesopen Body 开式花篮螺丝 Turnbuckles Closed Body 闭式花篮螺丝 Turnbuckles 节杆花篮螺丝 Manul Twistlock 扭锁 Turnfoot Twistlock 中间扭锁 Intermediate Twistlock/Midlock 中间锁/锥锁 Semi-Automatic Twistlock 半自动钮锁 Twistlock Intermediate Wide Body 宽体中间扭锁 Twistlock/Bottom Twistlock/ Basetwistlock/ 底部固定锁/底锁 Twistlock Botton U-Frame 底部固定扭锁 Fixed Base Twistlock 单拉扭锁 Twistlock Side Locking Type 侧开底锁 Dovetail Twistlock 燕尾底锁 Breech Twistlocks / Round Twistlock 圆形底锁 Side Twistlocks 双拉扭锁 Twistlock Semi Automatic 垂直拉杆 Bridge Fitting 桥锁桥码桥型连接器 Lashing Bar / Lashing Rods 拉杆 Eye Hook Extension Rod/ Knob Extension Rod 接长杆 Dd-Ring/D Ring With Stral/Clamp D型环 Lasing Eye/ Eye Plate 眼板 Raised Foundation 立式底座 Dovetail Foundation/Flush Sockets 燕尾底座 Flush Sockets 埋入式底圆底座 Double Plate 带孔底板 Lifting Socket 吊座 Guide Cone 导锥 Single Stacker 单锥 Double Stacker 横向双锥 Double Stacker 纵向双锥 Hanging Stacker / Lockable Stacking Cones 安全单锥 Single Stacker 侧开单锥 Guide Cone/Foundation 定位锥 Support/Compensate High 横向支撑器 Securing Pads 象角钩 Tension Lever 收紧器 Top Corner Fitting/Bottom Corner Fitting 集装箱角件 Actuator Pole 开锁杆 Spanner 扳手 Emergency 激棒 Flat Rack 箱架 Storage Bin 储存箱 Binding Chain 捆绑链

Timber carrier,bulk carrier,container fixed and loose fittings 木材及散货船产品,集装箱绑扎产品 Lashing points including D-rings and pad eyes 绑扎眼环和D形环 Deck and hatch cover foundations 甲板或舱口盖底座 Decklashing chains and connectors 甲板绑扎链条和连接环 Lashing points 绑扎眼板和D形环 Turnbuckles 花篮螺丝 Doubling plate 底板类 Lashing wireropes and Clips 绑扎钢丝绳和夹头 Fixed lashing guides 导向座 Wireslings 钢丝绳吊索具 Twistlocks, manual and automatic 手动和半自动扭锁 Webslings 涤纶吊带 Midlocks and Stackers 堆锥和全自动锥 Shackles 绑扎卸扣 Lashing rods 绑扎拉杆 Load binders 拉紧器 Turnbuckles 花篮螺丝 Blocks 钢丝绳滑轮 Bridge fittings 桥码 Wooden dunnage & polysheet 垫木 Supports 支撑 Actuator pole and Spanner 开锁杆和扳手 Flat racks and Storage bins 框架箱、铁箱及其它

Ro-Ro fittings/Lifting equipments 滚装船绑扎产品起吊设备及配件 Lashing points including D-rings and Cloverleaves 绑扎眼环和窝座 Container spreaders 集装箱吊架 Lashing chains and Components 绑扎链条及其配件 Hatch cover lifting gears 舱口盖吊具 Tension levers 链条松紧器 Lifting chains 起吊链条 Turnbuckle and Speedking 花篮螺丝和快速收紧器 Chain blocks 葫芦 Lashing belts 绑扎带 Safety hooks and Shackles 安全货钩和卸扣 Wheel chocks 车挚 Master links 起吊大环