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3.png Enterprise Information (企業資料):

  • Company Name (公司名稱):
A-Serve Company Ltd
  • Country / Area (國家/地區):
Hong Kong, China (中國香港)
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  • Contact Person (聯繫人員):
Mr Eric Yiu-Ming Yuen
  • Job (工作職務):

  • More Info (補充說明):
A-Serve Company Ltd is a Hong Kong company, its business is about Advertising Premium;Giftware;Packaging

2.png Contact Method (聯繫方式):

  • Telephone (電話號碼):
(852) 27460772
  • Fax Number (傳真號碼):
(852) 27460703
  • Address (辦公地址):
Workshop C, 9/F
Leroy Plaza
15 Cheung Shun Street
Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Postal Code (郵政編碼):
No postcode needed in Hong Kong (香港不使用郵遞區號)
  • E-mail Box (電子郵箱):
  • Website URL (網站網址):

0.png Industry Category (行業類別):

  • Category (分類):
Packaging (包裝)
  • Note (註釋):
Advertising Premium;Giftware;Packaging
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4.png Industry Index (行業索引):

1. Agricultural Products, Livestock & Poultry

2. Architecture, Planning, Construction & Real Estate

3. Baby Products

4. Chemicals (incl Plastic Materials)

5. Electronics & Electricals

6. Food & Beverage

7. Footwear

8. Garment, Textiles & Accessories

9. Giftware, Premium & Hobbies

10. Hardware, Building Materials & Facilities

11. Health & Medical Care

12. Household & Home Decoration Products

13. Jewellery (Fine & Imitation)

14. Laboratory Science

15. Logistics Services

16. Machinery

17. Optical (Eyewear)

18. Packaging

19. Photographic & Optical Equipment

20. Raw Materials

21. Safety & Security

22. Services

23. Stationery, Books, Printed Items & Publishing

24. Stock Lots

25. Timepiece

26. Toys & Sporting Goods

27. Travel Goods & Bags

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